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Electronics parts
Audio equipment cap (PC)
Audio equipment enclosure(ABS)
Loudspeaker housing (PC)
Speaker housing(ABS)
Audio equipment housing(PC)
 Electronic pad backplate (ABS/PC)
 Face plate (ABS/PC)
 Electronic pad backplate(ABS/PC)
 Electronic pad face plate (ABS/PC)
 Wifi product (ABS/PC)
 Audio optic window (PC)
 Audio sets (ABS/PC)
 Dock cover (ABS/PC)
 Saddle cover (ABS/PC)
 Rear plate (ABS/PC)
 Saddle housing (overmolded)
 Hosing insert (overmolded)
 Cannon camera lens cap(PC)
 DD converter cap (ABS)
 Powertector cover (PC)
 PSU case (ABS)
 USB charger case (PC)
 USB charger enclosure (PC)
 USB charger bezel (PC)
 USB pod case (PC)
 AD Power cover (PC)
 TV remote (ABS)
 Mobile frame (ABS+TPU)
 Mobile holder (overmolded)

Bus mini TV front plat (ABS)

 Power converter rear plate(PC)
 Audio front plate (ABS+PC)
 Powerverter enclosure (PC)

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